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I'm so grateful for the amazing clients that allow me to do the work I love to do.

20+ years of experience...


I still have the rejection letters saying "…We do not feel you have the qualifications necessary…"

I went back to school in my early 30's and got a degree in Multimedia Design. I loved it! I had such an appreciation for it—the learning, the interest, the experience—much more than I would have right out of high school.

Maybe that's the key, take a little break after high school before jumping into college, especially those that do not know what they want to do. Live a little, have some life experiences, let life unfold, discover that yearning.

But once school is done there is that part of 'starting over'. It's the old saying...

Howie Abernathy - owner HOW Media

Howie Abernathy
owner, HOW Media, LLC one wants to hire you without experience but you can't get experience until you get hired.

Print, graphics, logos, animations, UI design, Flash, demos, games, interactive, eLearning, full-time, part-time, contract, freelance, agency, Microsoft, Edmark, MRM - just to name a few...

The agency life was exciting—the high profile clients, the large projects, the money—it enabled me to develop skills, have some great experiences and build some great relationships.

I like the big picture.

I like knowing how everything fits together and how all the parts affect the others. Being creative, strategic, and visionary. But I also enjoy paying attention to the details—being thorough and accurate in my work.

At the end of the day I like the personal connection of working directly with a smaller business owner. The artist. The builder. The recruiter. The winemaker.

I learned my satisfaction doesn't come from a boss saying good job but rather from the business owner that tells me that it was enjoyable to work with me and I've made his job easier, that her website had enabled her to gain exposure and sell her paintings, and that his customer didn't know he carried those lines until they visited his redesigned website - an extra order of over $30,000!

I want to know the work I do makes a difference.

tends to be very clean, I like white space, balance, uniformity

fonts, typography, icons, photography, nature

chocolate chip cookies, cheeseburgers, college football, sun, shorts, prickly-pear margaritas, Ester Hicks

onions, peppers, red lights, traffic, snow, shaving, arrogance

Now it's your turn, I want to hear about you...